What we do

What we do

RFMSolutions can and has, introduced a single solution strategy for Integrated Security on a scale that reaches from one country to global.
Financial and Operational benefits to the clients continue to be extensive ($millions).

Proactively making use of data held on security systems RFMSolutions demonstrates real time Management Information Benefits which will contribute to your organisations ‘bottom line’.
An example of demonstrating under-occupancy of buildings resulted in the subsequent reallocation of staff and real estate opportunities. (Listed disposal benefits were GBP190m).  Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

RFMSolutions has introduced a single multi-functional card across a global base, and introduced a global Corporate Contract for the provision of integrated solutions.

Development of Integrated systems across all HR and FM opportunities, including Call Centres; Building Maintenance systems; Vending; People On Board tracking; etc., has been achieved.

RFMSolutions has consulted globally on system development and installation in the US; Europe; Nigeria; Russia and some 30 other countries.