Business Planning

Perhaps this is considered a strange concept for a Security Consultant to be offering, but how many ‘security organisations’ have developed over the years, and now are perhaps slightly less efficient than they should be?

With one client RFMSolutions identified that despite their having an extensive array of ‘security services’ none of them were being proactively ‘marketed’ to the corporation.  This meant that individually the ‘services’ were working in an entirely retroactive environment and in isolation.

The culture was such that individual change would have proven challenging, so RFMSolutions with the organisations senior management re-invented ‘security’ as a completely ‘new organisation’.   From Business Plan through total structure to marketing and daily operations, with the full engagement of all involved, a retroactive security organisation became a proactive one.  This meant that all sectors of the business came to call upon security for their expertise and ability to assist them.

Another example is where a highly technical and competent security provider had actually lost direction with their client base.  RFMSolutions in discussions with senior management laid down a plan of communications; workshops and other elements to help this successful organisation become even more successful.

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