Risk Analysis

RFMSolutions of course can use client created templates, but it is often found these are not as comprehensive as they should be.  A Risk Analysis should constitute a Security Assessment followed by a Risk Assessment, which when mathematically combined give the Risk Analysis.

How many Risk Analysis exercises only look at the physical features?  These are without doubt fundamentally important and RFMSolutions use a modified ASIS Template which can give organisations’ the added comfort of knowing an industry standard is used.

That is only one part of the Risk though – what about the geographical and political implications?  How often are these ignored or just not considered?  RFMSolutions neither ignore nor forget these very important elements.

Perhaps though the most important factor, and one that is definitely not ignored by RFMSolutions is the businesses intellectual property implications.  What is the ‘real’ risk to your business is your intellectual property being breached. Of course the physical and the geographical/political elements contribute, but what about your laptop data; the ability to remote in using a Blackberry?  How robust is your Clear desk policy – document security rating – senior management discussions – all far more risky.

RFMSolutions have experience in this fundamental field of work, and can assist you in addressing this challenge.

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