System Implementation and Commission

Having designed the system it is often the way that consultants are either no longer required or do not wish to see through their design. 
That is not the case we hope with RFMSolutions, where having assisted you in the design, or indeed if you have done that yourself, we can assist you with the implementation.

RFMSolutions in Bob have Project Management qualifications, and can sit on a project team as the security systems representative, and/or can PM a project.  With some clients RFMSolutions have built such a good trust and relationship, that they insist ‘security’ is a project outside of the main building works, and historically with RFMSolutions sitting on the main project team, has been found to be extremely beneficial.

RFMSolutions adopt a very stringent and robust commissioning trail for all systems to ensure that all contractual and client expected elements of the system are fully functional.

This is often seen as an element of work that does not require the skills of a ‘consultant’; however clients experience suggests that it is ultimately a very cost effective option.

If we can assist you in the implementation and/or commissioning of your systems just contact us