System Integration

Ask 100 people what their ‘definition’ of Integration is, and 100 different answers will be given.  Even dictionaries have a whole scope of answers, but one RFMSolutions likes is to combine (one thing) with another to form a whole.   It is here however that we need to determine what your ‘definition’ of integration is, as RFMSolutions firmly believe ‘integration’ is often confused with ‘interoperability’.
Access and CCTV are believed a done deal, but are the systems integrated or do they just work together?  Do those two systems combined do what you expect?  Add to that mix anything and everything from Alarms through Visitor Management to connectivity with HR or Building Management systems.  People ‘On Board’ tracking; Sports complex use; Library Lending and Vending should all be included if they are a service your organisation provides, but are they? 

Some systems can be fully ‘integrated’ but most can have a form of ‘interoperability’.  As the client it is important your expectations are set correctly and are met correctly.

RFMSolutions have a wealth of experience in this contentious field, and will be pleased to help you find a path through this seemingly impenetrable minefield. 

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