Systems Design

RFMSolutions believe system design is more than taking the fundamental component parts and ‘gluing’ them together.  Any system should take account of the entire Business Drivers and Needs and not just the component part.

From fundamental discussions to the spectrum of ‘discovering the new’ RFMSolutions will work with all factors of the business to garner the most advantage of any security system installation.

RFMSolutions have experience of introducing a single multi-functional card that provided a visual identification; automated authorised access to a facility; the ability to load ‘cash’ onto the card and linking the card to vending systems; linking to corporate Active Directory (or similar) systems to provide IT sign-on authorisation, etc.

Linking to HR systems; the ability ultimately to provide meaningful and beneficial Management Information all need to be considered at the design stage.

Resilience; Business Continuity; Disaster Recovery are things that make any design more cost effective if they are considered from the outset.  Even if the budget does not allow for implementation, if the design allows for it ultimately that is a cost benefit.

Into design must also be considered ‘support’.  A topic that often unfortunately comes too late, and then proves to be financially wounding to the organisation.

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