Your business

Your business

You are well aware of the need to make every available use of your resources, and have proven to do so within your own business sector.

In contrast, some back office service areas such as physical security, may have been afforded less opportunity to introduce policies that enhance your total resource pool. Such opportunities may however exist in your business, and just await exploitation.

Opportunity to integrate physical security with other services, i.e. HR; Building Management Systems; Vending, not forgetting your Crisis and Contingency Management on a single site will give benefit, multiple that on a Corporate or Geographical scale and the benefit will increase more than proportionally.  The current buzzword of 'Convergence' is perhaps one of the most relevant in many a year. Organisations need to ensure there are 'no gaps' in their organisation that can be exploited, and yet in many an organisation, internal protection means that such gaps do exist.  Convergence in the organisation will resolve that, and we have much experience in this field of activity.

Centralising your systems, whilst maintaining local control, not only brings considerable fiscal benefit, but such design will enable you to realise real time Management Information opportunities. The ability to demonstrate Return On Investment (ROI) in this sector may therefore be considerable.

Most organisations however do not use security as one of their proactive assets with the client.  The confidence of the ultimate client is of paramount importance, and security can, and must, contribute to that endeavour.

RFM can help you address all of these issues and many more. Just contact us.